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Testing my limits
Staying fast, becoming stronger
Giving in to temptations
Those that will last longer

Strive to defeat
The limits I hide
To kill temptation
With a sharpened knife

Let down my guard
In a moment to shine
And drive home to the finish
Leave the weakened behind
To lie in their graves


Digging within a tunnel
A right within a struggle
To plead your way out
To flee your way out

A level, upon a level
That can break us, here
A civil, congress, civil
That will hear our fears

Scrape, off the skin
Of the fleet, that we live in
The fear, and all of the dreams
We have yet, to see

I’m wishing on balloons

Standing tall in the fields

Waiting for an accident to happen

So I will be free from this profession

Wishing on balloons

Another catastrophe

Could bring them close to me

And then I would see

Where the right is wrong and the wrong are free

From wishing on balloons

But where will the laughter go?

Clearly we’re circus animals on parade

For the royal majesty

To judge; and banish to the dungeon

Where we will be locked up

Wishing on balloons

The fields are dry and the rivers are bare

The skinny grass is gone

And replaced by fog

A land-stealing fog

That locks us in a dungeon

With her majesty

And all her fucking balloons

There is a place

Within our hearts

Where pain

Will always find a nest

And love will be left

To fill the spaces

Left by selfish anger

And a laughable cloud

Of negativity

And yet

The heart wants

What the mind cannot have

And the pain is replaced

By thoughts of faith

And scars that burn

Your soul isn’t spinning
And the road gets longer
My calls to heaven
Get shorter and shorter
Her guide is restless
And I selfishly hide
Behind curtains and boxes
And lights in disguise
The anguish gets tested
And the scars become memories
But there is no giving in
No way to derail

The temptation surrounds
But she puts life in perspective
So I won’t live a lie
So we will survive
Bleed together
Scar just the same
In casket or urn
Through fire we burn

The lost art of falsity has given way
To a great disparity
Of mans willingness to engage
In expiring forums and olympic stage

The lost art of trust
Will surely kill you all
For falsity can crush trust
If you are willing to take the fall

The lost art of integrity
Most of you will never know
Your palace surely will crumble
And your soul will fall below

JHRH 2010

Her skin is crimson
Her heart is on her sleeve today
The sickness gives way to hate
And the hunger precedes the pain

Her gift to god hangs in the fog
Her hopes and prayers shift
Into a darkness she will only grow to love
Into a scar that will never close up

She begs for mercy
My wounds will not save her
She begs for comfort
My heart will only kill her

Her skin is crimson
Her skin is white
Her god is forgiven
Her god is I

Plain as masturbation to a priest

Wealthy as a blind man who’s pawned his teeth

Buried under 40,000 leagues of water

Until the answer comes about

Fog the mirror

Distort the chronic lacerations

Burn their buildings down

They have tagged their baggage

To stow with the enemy

Now all you have to do is push it out

Into the waves and undertow

Of a punishing sea

J.Hogenson 2006

The times rip us apart
The tides crash loudly
Far too fluidly
Against the walls of my heart

It’s hard to close the shoebox today
I’ve killed the last of my pride
Another rapist
Another rapist
Another killer inside your door
Another pilgrim behind your wall